MoonBeam Farm and Country Store

Along with our Loofah, the farm also has over 1,100 Lavender plants. With more than 8 varieties, our organic plants are grown for Oil, buds and culinary use in mind. With breathtaking colors ranging from the crisp and icy white to the deep purples reminiscent of the French Countryside. 2017 was our first year to allow many of the species to come to full bud, having harvested during May to mid-June. The show of color and scent was amazing and it was wonderful to share this experience with our visitors and neighbors here at the farm.

2018 was exciting for us as well as our community as we hosted our First Annual Lavender Harvest Event, with over 35 Vendors and a 1,000+ visitors here on the farm. Looking so forward to seeing this event continue to grow. (You can find pictures of the event on the Harvest Event tab on this page.)

You can purchase a variety of handmade and handcrafted items, such as soaps, bath salts and milks, bombs, lavender products and crafts, our specialty blend of Herb de Provence as well as sugars and cookie mix and of course our wonderful organic loofah here at our farm country store as well as our on-line storefront.


Organic - Buds, Oil & Culinary.