MoonBeam Farm and Country Store


one of the only organic heirloom growers of loofah sponges in the USA.

MoonBeam Farm is one of the few organic heirloom growers of loofah sponges in the USA. We grow our loofah from our own harvested non-gmo heirloom seed-stock, tending to our plants by hand each and every day, ensuring the sponge available to our clients is at it’s peak. Our sponges are so soft, they can be used on a daily basis. There is a significant difference between organically farm grown loofah and those you purchase in the stores. Those hard-as-a-brick store bought loofah, are required to go through a treatment process (such as bleach, lye and/or pesticides) before being imported into the country, leaving you with a product that is so rough and treated you wouldn’t dare put it to your face. You simply need to feel and experience the difference!

During the late spring and summer season (June—Sept), we are open for farm tours so you can experience first-hand how loofah is grown and harvested.

Loofah Sponge is not only for bathing, but can be used to wash windows, dishes or even the car. We have also been selling loofah to many of our equestrian friends, who use it for rub down and massage on their wonderful four legged friends. We also share our sponge with our dogs here on the farm to chew on for beautiful clean teeth. (We will be adding a pet line very soon!)

Our Organic Heirloom Loofah can be purchased here at our farm country store or through our on-line store.